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Car Tire Maintenance & Tips You Should Follow

How to Take Care of Your Tires:


1-    Inspect your car tires regularly: Your tires may sustain damage or significant wear and tear without you even realizing it. Sometimes, a visible inspection is all it takes to identify that there is a problem. Get into the habit of inspecting your tires regularly, and also have them looked at by a professional at least once annually.

2-    Ensure proper tire pressure: It’s smart to check the air pressure every so often. Driving without the right pressure can impair performance, especially in wet or icy weather. Note that cold weather is also what causes tire pressure to fluctuate more rapidly. Every month, check your tire pressure and put some more air in as needed.

3-    Be mindful of the load index: Your tires are only meant to withstand so much weight. You can refresh yourself on this by consulting with the owner’s manual or by calling your local auto mechanic.

4-    Have them rotated: In order to prevent against uneven wear and tear on your tire tread, it’s smart to have them rotated once or twice a year. You might wish to do this when you take your vehicle in for other routine care services, such as an oil change.

5-    Use your spare tire: Whatever you do, don’t drive on a tire that you know to be damaged. If you observe a problem with your tire, take it off and replace it with the spare until you can have it inspected by a professional.

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