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What We Have Done

Online Appointment

Now you can make your service booking online to get the service done at any of our workshop locations or at your door step.

Certified engineers

Using our long years of experience in the automotive industry especially FCA dealer, we are handling our facility in the dealer level and quality, if not more .

Highest Rated Workshop

Our workshop is a fully equipped with the most modern repair tools, equipment, selected carefully to guarantee the hi level of vehicle diagnoses, which we are always looking for. Reducing the required time of the repairs to get your vehicle back on roads, ASAP.

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Warranty on Our repairs

Our warranty is valid on the original Mopar parts which is installed by our certified technicians. for 6 months or 10000 Km

Fully Diagnosis & electrical repairs

We are able to handle and solve any of your electrical problems includes ECU programming using our long years of experience.

Best price value

We are giving you the maximum value of the repairs by giving you the best quality of the repair by a reasonable labor charges,as well we are offering you the genuine parts and the best alternative parts available in the market. recommending the priority of the required repairs based on your budget.

Service & Repair


  • Engine repairs, tuning, and rebuild
  • Automatic Transmission repairs and rebuild
  • Manual Transmission repairs and rebuild
  • Differential repairs and rebuild
  • Cooling system repair and upgrades
  • Steering components repair
  • The complete drive train and 4×4 checkup and repairs


  • Complete system diagnoses and repairs.
  • Wiring repairs, accessories installation.
  • Electrical control modules diagnose and online, offline programming.
  • Calibration and initialization of modules.
  • ECU tuning as well.
  • Air condition diagnoses and repairs.
  • Installing accessories and modifications.


  • Accident repairs
  • All kinds of body dent and paints.
  • Spot repairs
  • PDR (paintless dent repair)
  • Wax paint
  • Nanoceramic paint
  • Rims paint
  • Bikes paint and airbrush paint
  • Custom bracketing
  • Custom body paneling and upgrades